Coffeemate Santas

One of the things I just love about the holidays is coffee.  I don't usually drink coffee at all until October; and then I drink it everyday until January.  And I only drink it for the holiday flavors.  Pumpkin Spice in the Fall, and Peppermint Mocha in the Winter.  Mmmmm....

Now that we're doing homeschooling, I'm always on the lookout for a project idea.  Which is probably why when I went to throw away my Pumpkin Spice creamer bottle back in October, I saw Santa Claus.  That red top was a Santa hat to me, so I washed out the bottle and saved it.
 Do you see Santa??  I totally did....

Ok, so here's what we did.  Since it's a holiday week, there is no school; but we still wanted to do some fun activities.  My stepson (he's 8) just flew into town last night, and I had been saving this to do when he got here.  He loves doing "projects."  I peeled the labels off the bottles, and filled an egg carton with paint colors. 

*I find that using an egg carton works really well to hold all the different paint colors you may want to use.

I asked the boys what they saw when they looked at the bottles, and Big Guy said, "A Christmas tree!"  Little Guy quickly copied Big Guy's answer, so I told them to paint whatever they wanted.  Big Guy promptly decided he would change his to a penguin.  He started painting his bottle blue, and Little Guy set to work on a multicolored masterpiece. 

Halfway through, Big Guy decided he was going to change his penguin to a Santa like mine.  Little Guy decided he'd had enough of painting and that playing with the dirty water sounded like a better idea!
Here's a look at our finished products!

Big Guy's:
Little Guy's:
I glued a little pompom to the lid for Santa's hat.  Super fun!

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